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1 received this email passed bellow (in Portuguese) from the customer. Basically he said how (very) satisfied was his experience with Premier Support. He gave many compliments, mentioned Bill and Helder commitment and highlighted Bill’s knowledge.

Mark, Bill and Helder – this customer is one the biggest company in Brazil and you guys made my life much easier. THANKS!


Technical Account Manager
[Large software development company]

Hi Bill/Jennie,

Thanks for all your help and support. Looks like the userenv (event ID 1000) issue is resolved and I am not seeing this error anymore. Please go ahead and close this case. Once again I would like to appreciate your follow up and help on this case; it’s been a wonderful support experience.



I want thank the USA Microsoft team in there abundant efforts to resolve this issue.  Ammie and Bill Griswold worked very hard and I want to say a special thanks to Scott for staying after hours to help resolve this issue and then responding back to us first thing in the morning.



Systems Engineer

[Medical Company]

Aaron and Art,

I just wanted to take a minute to let both of you know the team of people we worked with today, were first rate.  While this was a long call we were able to isolate these issues and resolve them.  I want to make special note of Bill Griswold, who had lunch delivered for the team here at VA.  This was a big help to keep the team in action and focused.

Please take a moment to thank him for us.




I definitely have to agree!! The team did a wonderful job today!

And Bill arranging lunch for everyone was incredible -- that was out-of-the-box thinking… er, maybe it was in-the-lunch-box thinking (sorry, I just had to say it).

Thanks again!!


Technical Account Manager

[Large software development company]


Bill, thanks again for your help

Things are running very well now. You can go ahead and close or archive this issue.

Once again, your work/support has been outstanding. You have gone the extra mile. On a 1 to 10 scale you got 11 !!!



Mr. Weidele

I would like you to know that if I can get the same level of support  every time I call Microsoft Support that I've got from Bill Griswold  today I'll never consider going to Linux any more :-)


NT Specialist

Corporate IT


Hello Bill,

It was a pleasurable experience speaking with you today with regards to the above case number  and I thank you for your help.  I was very satisfied with your knowledge and ability to quickly troubleshoot our problem. 

This is the fourth time within the last year or so that I have called support and this by far was my best experience.  Last person I spoke to could barely speak English.



Information Technology Manager
[Accounting company]
Canoga Park, Ca. 91303



Thanks again for your involvement and help.  It is somewhat uncommon for a large company to be very concerned about the impression of one individual, this experience has left me with a different perspective.  Thank You.




Everything seems to be working fine now.  I just wanted to again thank you for all your assistance and for the extra help you provided.  We need more people like you who are so helpful and knowledgeable.   Thanks


Mr. Eaton,

Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to share your feedback with me on your interaction with Bill. I am glad to hear that he exhibited the skills and behaviors we promote within our organization, and that you were highly satisfied with him and the results. I'll make sure that Bill gets recognized for a job well done in this instance!

Thanks again for your time, and for your partnership with us!


[Bill's manager at large software development company]

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From: [Customer]

Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2005 1:59 PM

To: [Bill's Manager]

Cc: Bill Griswold

Subject: RE: Support Case: SRX050202600663


I had the privilege of spending over an hour on the telephone with Bill Griswold yesterday as he corrected our issue with RDP. He was attentive, respectful, extremely knowledgeable and above all listened carefully to what we needed. With his assistance and perseverance, we were able to solve the large security hole with out application in this short period of time. We alone have spent numerous months dancing around the issues and are now greatly relieved with a solid correction. His passion for his job is quite apparent.

We have had had extensive experience with many large corporations technical support departments dealing with hardware and software issues. I must say that after dealing with Bill Griswold that all other support we have received over the years pales in comparison to his professionalism and knowledge.

He is a true asset to your team and your corporation

Thanks, Mr. Eaton


Mate, I was hugely impressed at the time and patience devoted, I really did expect to hit NT is not supported and to go no further. You were all very helpful and please pass this on to your boss and the other team members who contributed. Thoroughly satisfied that we both did all we could within our respective boundaries.





Thanks again for your extraordinary efforts on my issues!  I am very pleased and did have a great experience with you.  The solutions you provided solved my problems 100% and we are on the way to implementing them in production.  Thanks again!  You are one of the best PSS case managers I have had.



Minneapolis, MN


Thanks Bill,

Did I mention how much appreciate your quick response? Anyhow thanks again Bill for your fantastic work on this one.



I want to say thank you and let you know I had a great experience working

 with Bill. We worked well together and I think both learned something from

 the session. He appropriately brought in assistance for networking issues

 that could have been related and ultimately resolved the issue. Please

 extend the same words of adulation to Neha your network specialist.

 Again Thank you,




Thank you for making sure we got prompt attention to Joanne's problem with our Win2003 security policy problem.  Joanne says that Bill Griswold was great to work with ... incredibly helpful.  Please pass that back.

Thanks again!!


Sr. Manager, Risk Assessment Team

IT Risk Office
[Major financial company]


Thank you Bill for providing us with a nice caffeine jolt this morning!  Your generosity is very much appreciated!!

 Best Regards,


[Bill's Manager]

[Large software development company]



Thanks a ton ! ! for resolving the problem in our setup. It was one of the best support i got from [large software development company] to resolve the issue before our production time starts. Thanks for giving quick solution and i appreciate your patience as well for holding the line 3 hours to resolve this issue. Please reduce the severity of the case to low now. We will monitor the system for one more day.




Hi Bill,

I’m Tracy – Heidi’s TL. This troubleshooter package and Kerberos packet overview of yours is brilliant, as was your work!

This team is only just encountering Kerberos errors as – almost universally – our product used only Basic and NTLM prior to this.

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this information! I will save it and use it to assist with our new hires.


Technical Lead

[Large software development company]


Thanks a ton ! ! for resolving the problem in our setup. It was one of the best support i got from [Large software development company] to resolve the issue before our production time starts. Thanks for giving quick solution and I appreciate your patience as well for holding the line 3 hours to resolve this issue. Please reduce the severity of the case to low now. We will monitor the system for one more day.




Hey Bill, sorry I didn't respond to this email sooner; I've got quite a backlog ;)

We're home now and we got the flowers you sent today. That was a very thoughtful thing to do! We really appreciate the gardenia!

I'll try to get that replication test file and some event logs for you first thing Monday (baby permitting). We monitor the systems pretty closely (tripwire, etc) and the folks watching the systems in my absence would freak out if they see something new in SYSVOL without taking about it with me first (they're home for the day by now).

Sending us flowers was an awfully classy thing to do man so again I just wanted to say thank you!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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From: Bill Griswold

Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 12:35 PM

To: Zeb

Subject: RE: Support Case: SRX051208600543

When do the wife & baby come home from the hospital?

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From: Zeb

Sent: Thursday, March 23, 2006 12:31 PM

To: Bill Griswold

Subject: RE: Support Case: SRX051208600543

You're right & Thanks!

We had a baby girl (7lbs 8oz) Tuesday morning ...

So for the next couple of weeks I'll be a little slow to get back with you but still send me info as you get it and I'll do my best from home.

Thanks again!




You are probably the most thorough [Large software development company] support personnel that I have dealt with.

Appreciate your follow ups.

At this moment, there is not much we can do but to wait and see if the problem arises again.

Thanks again,

Corporate - Network Services


I can't thank you enough for your help with this issue.  The level2 technician was much more helpful and had an appreciation for the bigger picture .  We ended up having to reinstall SMTP and Exchange due to missing dlls.  It's amazing how the level1 technician wouldn't offer the option of escalation. I appreciated his persistence, but his stubbornness was certainly a problem.  14 hours later the customer is happy once again.



Dave Beach and Bill Griswold spent a bunch of cycles helping out Pharr and Craig today and really helped them on their case load. Making sure word is on the street – well done fellas.

Technical Lead
[Large software development company]

Hi Bill,

Just a quick email to say “thanks” for looking after this case for us.

I have been watching your progress, and from the emails I expect the customer to be very satisfied J  Not all of our escalations to the US work well due to timezone, communications, etc. but this one is definitely in the “success” category.



Team Manager

[Large software development company]


From: Charles
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2006 4:44 PM
To: Jennie
Subject: Re: Windows Server 2000/GPO and AD Issue

Everything has been resolved, Bill was very helpful and provided excellent customer service. Thank you for your follow up.

Network Engineer III,
[Company Name] Health Network